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This may be of interest to only "two or three people" (rick- the young ones), but one thing that looks really terrible is a great kit, and some totally modern looking crew socks sticking out, pulled up tight, it just slams the impression. Although Roman sock making was done in different ways, there is no question it was relativley advanced, and it seems that they did not make them much higher than the shoe, just enough maybe to roll over. They also seem to have liked striped socks...
These socks here are not striped, not hand made, not natural fiber even, and are certainly not perfectly authentic, but the colors are good, and they look "rough". They appear to be sewn from several pieces, the tops seem to fold down low enough, and they look comfy. I really find if my feet aren't comfortable those around have to pay... I don't speak from experience, I haven't bought these, but don't wear bad looking socks. They really need to at least look good.


Blogger gallicus said...

salve florentius
I tried a few things in lieu of sudones one that worked fairly well was something that my grand father was using in wooden clog or sometimes in his ruber boots they are called "pena" in france and are just a piece of fabric wrapped around your feet to look like a sock,if you do it right you can have more than one layer of fabric
under your feet...however something really nice that I found on the net was sudones made out of sheep skin that works really well
you have to re-lace you caligae ,it is as comfy as a pair of sleepers...I have yet to try them on rough terrain (and in water)but I will oiled the outside and try them in LAFE this coming march (more later about that experiment)
florentius thank you so much for sharing all your experiments with us.
vale Gallicus

January 13, 2011 at 8:02 PM  

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